Nexus steam oven

Recent activity in the showroom has heralded the arrival of the new Nexus Steam Oven.  I am most impressed!

Lindsey Payne, the glorious Rangemaster demonstrator and cook came to Twyford Cookers showroom to demonstrate to us all how the Nexus Steam Oven works.

I have to admit I have owned a Rangemaster Steam Oven for a year and not known how to work it.  It is simplicity itself.  The Steam Oven produces food which is not only healthy (the absence of fat is a clue) but delicious.

I watched Lindsey cook a three course meal of steamed chicken breast (doused in red chilli flakes, olive oil, fresh thyme and lemon zest), new potatoes, vegetables followed by poached pears.  All cooked at the same time.

I think the Nexus Steam Oven is a product of the future.  I am now cooking on mine.  I have achieved the most delicious Risotto using Arborio rice and simple ingredients as a base.  Add what you wish. We added salmon and fennel.

Lindsey demonstrated how to make your rump steak taste like fillet steak – using vacuum packed steak cooked in the steam oven for 1 hour at 60 degrees and then finished on the top of the oven for browning.  Taste like fillet? – yes, it certainly does!

Lindsey cooked steamed plum pudding and cupcakes.

The Nexus has a Duo function oven and combines a wide variety of cooking functions in one single appliance.  It is a perfect appliance for classic or contemporary kitchen designs, and is available as a 110cm dual fuel design in Black, Slate Stainless Steel and Ivory with a unique sleek black glass fascia panel and premium rotary controls.