AGA 3 Piece Casserole Set in Stainless Steel


AGA 3 Piece Casserole Set in Stainless Steel

If we applaud common sense, we must applaud the AGA 3 Piece Casserole Set in Stainless Steel by AGA Rangemaster.

I could wax lyrical about the offering of superior 18/10 stainless steel.  I could tell you all about the AGA pans that feature a completely encapsulated base. This will conduct heat evenly and quickly.  Moreover, they have an energy saving superthermic wave profile base.  However, we must lay it out in simple laymans terms.

What is the advantage of the 3 peice casserole set?  I will tell you.  They are amazing for stacking in the simmering oven when you are cooking for a crowd, or just producing a Sunday Roast.  bring your vegetables to the boil on the boiling plate, drain off all of the water and then stack your pans in the simmering oven and forget about them.  Word of warning don’t do it with the cabbage. You may well remember cabbage at school, over cooked and yellow.  Just cook your cabbage in butter, lemon juice and fennel seeds for a very short while on the boiling plate.  You will get adoring compliments from all of the family, including the children who usually say ughh.. cabbage…)

In addition, and back to the casserole pans, please note they stack on each other. You can get up to five in the ovens if you need to.

The pans are also for use  on induction hobs.. that is important, because more and more, our kitchens are including induction hobs into their designs.  The sizes of the 3 piece set are 1.5 litres, 2 litres and 3 litres and they go up to 6 litres –  and all feature a 25 year guarantee.

They are dishwasher safe and these pans are a great investment and will last for years to come.

So, if you like bullet points, here we go…


  • The encapsulated base enables movement down to the heat source, to create a completely flat surface, ensuring even heat when cooking. This occurs due to the aluminium core sandwiched between stainless steel.
  • The lid knobs offer clear AGA branding, making the items stunning cooker to tableware.
  • The flat lids offer the ability to stack in the ovens, making the most out of the space. The raised rim on the lid ensures no scratching when stacking pans on top of each other.
  • The brushed bodies offer a striking, modern look that contrasts so beautifully with the polished furniture.
  • Featuring internal marking in both pints and litres.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 25 year guarantee offers superb quality.
  • Made in Switzerland.

What more can I say – are you still awake?  Just go ahead and purchase, – you will not regret it!


Love from the Betty Twyford Team..