Feeds about 8 people for a dinner party


1 large packet puff pastry

1 medium size salmon – ask your fishmonger to skin and fillet

1 tub Philadelphia cream cheese

1 packet of spinach, 1 handful of rocket leaves and a handful of watercress

Bunch of spring onions chopped

1 orange

Garlic butter


Lightly sauté the spring onions and sweat the spinach and rocket and watercress in a generous ounce of garlic butter, season quite well and transfer to a liquidiser with the cream cheese – pulse for about 30 seconds until the mixture looks quite green.


Take one lump of puff pastry and roll out into a rectangle about the thickness of a pound coin onto a floured board. Make it the length of your salmon. Place one fillet on the top, and spread the cheese/spinach mixture across the length of the fillet. Season, and grate the rind of one orange on the top of the mixture. Squeeze some of the juice over the mixture but don’t make it too wet.


Place the second fillet on the top and roll out the remaining pastry. Fit it onto the salmon and shape it like a fish. Seal the sides together with beaten egg and then shape and decorate with leaf shapes with the trimmings. Brush the whole pastry case with the remaining beaten egg and place this into a greased Aga roasting tin. Cut three slits into the pastry for the steam to escape and bake on the floor of the roasting oven for about 35 – 45 minutes. (This prevents a soggy base). Check occasionally to ensure it does not brown too quickly. Test with a skewer and check the temperature against your wrist (it should be hot!) Leave to rest for about 10 minutes before serving in slices with new potatoes and a green salad. Very special for a dinner party!