This recipe is for smoked salmon and spring onion tart – lovely for Christmas or Easter gatherings using an AGA Quiche tin 1 sheet short crust pastry 225g smoked salmon trimmings 1 bunch spring onions – peeled and sliced 4 beaten eggs 175g double cream 1 tbsp.chopped chives 175g Philadelphia cheese Line the quiche pan… Continue Reading

Cheesy Beer Bread

cheesy beer bread

Cheesy Beer Bread Every January my mother used to promise to bake all of our bread for our packed lunches that year. This would last for a good couple of weeks until she became dispirited by – a) our lack of enthusiasm b) our endless pleas for ‘shop bought’ c) the reality of her situation… Continue Reading


Jam Jar, Homemade, screw top

RECIPE FOR APPLE JELLY Pick armfuls of apples, off the tree, off the ground.  Wash them, take out any of the blemished bits and quarter them but don’t core or peel them. Place them into a large Maslin Pan (this is a flat bottom pan, which is wider at the top than the bottom, but… Continue Reading

Chilli Salmon with Courgette Pilaf


  It is called Chilli Salmon with Courgette Pilaf and it serves 4 225g/8 oz. Basmati rice 2 tsp. olive oil 1 onion peeled and finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed, 1 small lemon, sliced 600 ml/1 pt. vegetable stock 4 boneless and skinless salmon fillets 4 tsp. sweet chilli sauce 3 tsp…. Continue Reading

Betty’s Recipe for Game Pie for the AGA (Inspired by Dawn Roads)

It's Christmas

Dawn Roads has been an AGA advisor, cook and mentor for many years.  She has created unique and inspired dishes and has helped countless AGA owners achieve their quest for culinary perfection.  She created this dish to herald the introduction of the Game Pie dish   Betty’s Recipe for Game Pie for the AGA (Inspired… Continue Reading

Red Onion and Brie Quiche


Ingredients Serves 10 225g/8 oz. short crust pastry 5 eggs beaten 300ml/½ pt. single cream 200g/7 oz. ripe Brie 3 red onions, sliced 100g/4 oz. grated Cheddar cheese, grated 2/3 tablespoons sweet red onion chutney Method Roll out the pastry and line a 25.5cm/10” flan tin. Spread the red onion chutney over the pastry base. Fry… Continue Reading