Triple Chocolate Muffins

Xmas cup cake close up showroom shot

In our showroom, and mostly available on a Saturday or a Monday (depending on how many have been eaten) we produce the most delicious Triple Chocolate Muffins.  These are baked both by Elley when she delivers her ‘How to use your AGA’ demonstration or by Lisa on a Saturday morning.  Both are equally delicious!  Here… Continue Reading

Pork in Cider prepared by Betty Twyford

pork in cider

  PORK IN CIDER We consider Pork in Cider is a delicious partnership as we love to use the combination of sweet and savoury to tempt our taste buds. Apples with pork you may ask? Our opinion is they go together like peaches and cream. Using Rosemary in this dish will add another dimension to… Continue Reading

Chocolate Christmas pudding

chocolate christmas puddin

Ingredients 6 oz (175g) mixed dried sour cherries, blueberries and raisins Grated rind of an orange 3 tbsp brandy ¼ pint (150ml) double cream 12 oz (375g) plain chocolate 7oz (200g) pack cream cheese 4 oz (110g) ratafia biscuits To serve: ¼ pint (150ml) double cream 2 tbsp grated chocolate Method Grease (or line with… Continue Reading

Roast Goose

Roast Goose

A goose weighing about 4-5kg should be enough for 5-6 people If they’ll fit in your oven I would suggest getting a couple of birds for more than 8-10 people. The secret of rendering down the fat is to begin the cooking process with the breasts facing down in the pan so that the skin… Continue Reading

Favourite Mango Sausages

Favourite mango sausages

Favourite Mango Sausages These are so easy to make and always cause a sensation when you serve them to your guests or family. All you need are your favourite sausages.  We buy our from a butcher in Weobley.  He produces the most wonderful sausages called Weobley Whoppers, and the cocktail version is delicious (but not… Continue Reading

Cheesy Beer Bread

cheesy beer bread

Cheesy Beer Bread Every January my mother used to promise to bake all of our bread for our packed lunches that year. This would last for a good couple of weeks until she became dispirited by – a) our lack of enthusiasm b) our endless pleas for ‘shop bought’ c) the reality of her situation… Continue Reading

Roasted Pheasant for Christmas

james roasting pheasant!

Here is a fool proof recipe for Roasted Pheasant.  It is Autumn, and they abound in the hedgerows and fields.  Soon, the guns will be out and they will be in our shops. Here we go…. TO SERVE ROASTED PHEASANT YOU WILL NEED 2 pheasants (about 800-900g each), oven-ready, preferably hen pheasants 50ml rapeseed oil… Continue Reading


chocolate mousse with baileys

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE WITH BAILEYS Recipe 300g plain chocolate broken into pieces 75ml (5 tbsp) Baileys Liqueur 45ml double cream 4 large eggs separated 50g caster sugar Cocoa powder for dusting Recipe for Chocolate Mousse with Baileys Method Place the chocolate, cream and the Baileys in a saucepan, and if you have an AGA, leave it… Continue Reading


Jam Jar, Homemade, screw top

RECIPE FOR APPLE JELLY Pick armfuls of apples, off the tree, off the ground.  Wash them, take out any of the blemished bits and quarter them but don’t core or peel them. Place them into a large Maslin Pan (this is a flat bottom pan, which is wider at the top than the bottom, but… Continue Reading

Elderflower Cake

elderflower cake

If you love to use produce from the hedgerows, here is a simple cake recipe to cook when you are feeling like a hunter-gatherer

Valentine Dessert – Ferrero Rocher Roulade


FERRERO ROCHER ROULADE Ingredients: 6 large eggs, separated 175g castor sugar 50g cocoa powder 16-18 Ferrero Rocher chocolates A tub of crème fraîche 50g each white and dark chocolate 50g icing sugar Method: Lightly oil a Swiss Roll tin and line with Bake-O-Glide or greaseproof paper. Put the egg yolks into a large bowl, add… Continue Reading