Kuhn Rikon Cookset Review

Kuhn Rikon Montreux cookware Se

Product Review: Kuhn Rikon Stainless Steel set.


A stainless steel cookware set of 3 pieces consisting of the following

6L Large Casserole with lid

3L Casserole with lid

1.5L Saucepan with Lid

New to Betty Twyford is the Kuhn Rikon Collection of Stainless Steel Cookware – they are a Swiss company, renowned for high quality and innovative style.

We have chosen a range which is sure to impress with both quality and style.

Kuhn Rikon make some of the stainless steel cookware for AGA so you will know their standards will be the highest and the collection is sure to be top notch!

The Swiss made cookware comes with an energy saving Superthermic Sandwich Base.  The Base waved profile ensures an optimal heat distribution and has a high stability.

When heated, the material expands so that even the middle of the base lies on the hot plate.  Indeed, the heat is transferred quickly and evenly to the food being cooked.  The magnetic chromium steel ensures induction suitability.

Review of the Montreux and Daily stainless steel 3 piece cookware sets

With this set, you have the beauty of a 6 litre casserole.  This is ideal for cooking for large numbers, making soups and stock or lovely casserole dishes.

The 3 Litre is an every day casserole for steaming vegetables, soups or casseroles.  The 1.5 Litre saucepan is a useful little number to heat milk, make custards or cooking vegetables – the choice is always yours!

And of course, if you are lucky enough to own an AGA or a Rayburn, this cookware collection is perfect.

My thoughts and experiences

The above is pretty much what it says on our website.  So I thought I would put the claims to the test. I give at least one demonstration each week to new Aga owners to show them how to cook on their new Aga’s. We cook a full English breakfast, drop scones, a roasted butternut squash soup, a traybake and a quiche.

For the soup I roast the squash in its skin for 40 minutes before adding it to the pot.  This makes it easier to peel and seems to really enhance the flavour.  The rest of the ingredients I fry off in butter, using the 6 litre casserole first before adding water and stock.

I was interested to see how quick the heat transference was in comparison to the ‘Aga’ branded casseroles. I wouldn’t say it was quicker but it didn’t seem noticeably slower either.  It is a magnificently sized casserole, which is perfect for jam making, stock making.Moreover, you could place a whole chicken in it and slow cook if you so desired.

The 6 litre pan reminded me of a massive pan I had in my younger days when I lived together with several friends.  We would often cook up a storm for 20 or so guests (parties always turn out better when you make sure everyone isn’t drinking on an empty stomach I find!) My point is you could cook a mean chilli in this pot and for at least 15 people.


I did my usual demonstration to a new Aga owner yesterday and substituted the Kuhn Rikon for my usual Aga branded pans and casseroles. I steamed the broccoli in the saucepan (2.5 cm of water in with the florets and lid on) fried off onions etc in large casserole and then proceeded to make the soup in same. I prefer  the handles on the Kuhn Rikon Casseroles, especially on the large casserole which when full could have been very heavy, I was less worried about burning my knuckles. The only thing that is slightly disappointing is that the lids are not flat and so not able to stack…but wait! Just turn them upside down if needs be!

Overall impression: Extremely good quality and value for money. Very useful array of sizes and would cover most eventualities. I have made a request to keep them in my demonstration kit.

Elley Westbrook.

Twyford Cookers resident cook.