A Sneak Preview of the New Range – Wooden Ironing Board

Wooden Ironing Board by Betty Twyford


After the indulgence and delight of Christmas, it is comforting to return to the normal every day and to relax back into a familiar routine. The Betty Team have been thinking long and hard about what makes them happy, and most of all, it’s that wonderful feeling of calm control! I have to report there is an intense desire to ‘de-clutter’ our homes and regain some order in our lives. With this mission in mind, Betty has embarked upon the production of a range of products which are craftsman made in England and built to last. Not for the local tip, our new range is destined to stay with you for a long time, giving you back the quality you desire and the knowledge that you have spent your pounds wisely. We’ll be launching the new range in full soon, but until then feast your eyes on one of our newest products to give you a taster for what is to come.

We are proud to introduce that good old fashioned piece of equipment – the wooden Ironing Board

British craftsman made in Herefordshire and destined to wing its way to households across the kingdom. Let the ironing begin!


Details of the Wooden Ironing Board by Betty Twyford