Recipes vs Rebellion


So Easter is over…

Even the children are chocolated out. I presented them with another batch of brownies (new recipe…extremely delicious) and they almost groaned! My son asked could I teach him to make a lasagne. “Of course I can teach you to make Lasagne darling!” say I delightedly, and start rummaging through the fridge for lasagne-like ingredients. He presents me with a recipe book; I am non-plussed. A recipe for lasagne? It has never occurred to me to follow a recipe for lasagne…one just does it.

“I want to learn properly Mum.” He stated. Oh what a slur to my character!

It almost killed me following a recipe, firstly I had to go to the shops and buy the things we didn’t have (I am a lover of the bottom of the fridge lasagne and hiding vegetables in the sauce), then laboriously follow each stage and “hands-off” let him do it. I tried to sneak in a bit of halloumi but was fairly quickly rumbled. I suggested adding double cream to the white sauce…denied. Few herbs…? ”Are they in the recipe Mum?”… “not these ones” …”then no!”

It was torture. I realise I am not a very good teacher. Everything is in my head, but that isn’t a particularly good filing system! I almost never use recipes and I have had to learn the discipline of writing them down for the blog and recipe pages on this website. However, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to go off piste once in a while and just because a recipe doesn’t include halloumi (and in a lasagne’s case it most certainly should as it is amazing) doesn’t mean you cannot add and improvise. Free yourselves up a little and experiment… that is where the fun in cooking is.

So we did it his way. And it was lovely, not least because Teddy had made it. I think we shall learn to cook with recipes and then I shall help free him up with a few rebellions… ignoring the his accusation that “sometimes it’s hard being your son.” He didn’t mean it surely, I’m practically perfect in every way!