It’s Christmas!

It's Christmas



It has been creeping up on me, lingering sneakily in the background of everything I do and intruding into my every day thoughts. It is like IVY, sending tendrils to the far recesses of my mind. Christmas has long been featuring in various cooking demonstrations held in our AGA showroom. Don’t mention mincemeat or Christmas puddings to me!

Presents will have to be tackled shortly. It is disappointing to imagine they can all be purchased in the reduced section of on-line websites even though I cringe at the constant chime of jingle bells in the shops from early October, to miss out on the experience of shopping to the dulcet tones of Bing Crosby and ‘Dreaming of a White Christmas’, queuing at the till and then lunch afterwards would be very sad.

Another change that has happened this year is that the grandchildren are all ENORMOUS. They just keep shooting up in height (most of them 6’ plus) and with it a sophistication attached to their various interests and present requests. To knit them a bobble hat and scarf will not really float the boat (but to be truthful, it never has).   It is, unfortunately, money that they desire. Where is the fun in that?

Money to go toward a new camera, an artist easel, massive Lego creations, on-line and complicated gaming interactions (I don’t understand it, but apparently you can play a game, speak to and interact with someone who lives in the next county, and not through the telephone.

They tell me – Nooo.. Grandma, we use computer communication…

I am so GLAD I don’t understand. I have enough to worry about deciding what to eat for tea to prevent us from becoming fat (I am still grappling with the knowledge that there is SUGAR in almost everything we eat…)

My latest idea is to eat more game namely Venison, Pheasant, Duck, Guinea Fowl, Partridge, and Rabbit. Generally, game is low in fat, lean and healthy to eat and there are many inventive ways to make it taste delicious. Pheasant, Venison, and Rabbit are brilliant in casseroles in a fairly rich sauce. Duck is wonderful when cooked pink, or long cooked so that it flakes off the bone easily.

We have an amazing shop in Kington called The Grape Vine where you can purchase most of the above at reasonable prices (along with fish and organic vegetables) There is a market held in Kington Market Hall every Saturday – you can buy Celia’s Marigold shampoo, hand cream and moisturizer homemade and free from chemicals. You can buy Weobley Ash Grass fed lamb as well. The market is really well worth the visit.

Here is a special ‘Christmas’ recipe for Game Pie, featuring hot water crust pastry in a lovely oval Game Pie Dish