Hot Enamel Cleaning Spray for AGA & Rayburn cookers

Betty Twyford Hot Enamel Spray

Hot Enamel Cleaning Spray for AGA & Rayburn cookers

The Team at Betty Twyford developed this most popular product some years ago. Now it is time to tell the world!

Betty is determined to keep her AGA looking shiny and new. Furthermore, she had dreamed of owning an AGA cooker for years.  Finally she aquired her dream cooker!

The Hot Enamel Cleaning Spray has been developed with a luscious hint of vanilla and can be used straight onto hot enamel surfaces.

As a result, it is ideal for use on all cast iron cookers including the AGA.

The clever hot enamel formula cuts through grease.

Most noteworthy, follow through with a dampened soft cloth (use Betty’s Enamel Cleaning cloth).  You will achieve remarkable results.

Similarly, there is no need to worry about built up grease and dust, fat splashes or milk and fruit juice spills.  The hot enamel cleaner will soon sort it out.

The secret is to act quickly, so be sure to have your delightful polka dot spray ready to hand. (It looks great on the shelf..)

Finally, The can is aerolsol free, and unique to Betty Twyford.

Details of the Hot Enamel AGA Cleaning Spray for heat retention cookers

  • 300ml aresol free
  • Bag & valve system
  • Use with other products from the Betty cleaning collection

It is worth pointing out that a complete Betty Twyford Cleaning Kit can be purchased to include a wire brush, hot enamel paste, an ecloth, a hot enamel spray and a scraper, all packaged up in a Betty Twyford bag.


Note: Betty Twyford sprays are not like other aerosols as they contain a bag and valve system that doesn’t harm the environment.  Occasionally the spray may become dormant if not used for a while so if this happens simply wake it up with a short blast from a hot tap. The suspended bag inside the can may be damaged if dropped.