3 Hot Enamel Cleaning Sprays for heat retention cookers – AGA or Rayburn

3 hot enamel spray cleaners

The Hot Enamel Cleaning Spray for heat retention cookers is one of Bettys most popular products.

This specially developed Hot Enamel Cleaning Spray is ideal for AGA, Rayburns and heat retention cookers.

It has been designed for use straight on to hot enamel surfaces and is ideal for all cast iron range cookers.

Beauty and brains; the striking cream and red polka dot pattern will appeal to those of us that enjoy something pretty on the shelf

The clever hot enamel formula makes for an effective AGA & Rayburn cleaning product.

It cuts through grease.   Follow up with a dampened e cloth, and then a dry one.  Gives a fantastic shine on your enamel.

Use with Betty’s Enamel Cleaning E-Cloth for the best results.

With regular use the AGA Hot Enamel Cleaning Spray will keep your cooker bright and shiny. 300ml aerosol free can

Unique to Betty Twyford – we offer you the opportunity to purchase 3 at 10% off, resulting in a saving of 2.69

Every little helps!

Details of the AGA Hot Enamel Cleaning Spray for heat retention cookers

  • 300ml aresol free
  • Bag & valve system
  • Use with stainless steel and glass spray which will keep the inside of your chrome domes splatter free
  • 2 hot enamel sprays for added value

Note: Betty Twyford sprays are not like other aerosols as they contain a bag and valve system that doesn’t harm the environment.  Occasionally the spray may become dormant if not used for a while so if this happens simply wake it up with a short blast from a hot tap. The suspended bag inside the can may be damaged if dropped.