Be My Valentine – Ferrero Rocher Roulade Recipe

Ferrero Rocher Roulade Recipe

Be My Valentine- Ferrero Rocher Roulade Recipe

Betty shows how to whisk up a chocolatey treat for the one you are sweet on…  


Life sometimes becomes a little wearisome, in other words, it can wear us down and we all need a break from routine. It is good to go the extra mile to tell your loved one how much they mean to you. Otherwise we just go on, day after day, worrying about the pace of life, but doing nothing about it. Have you reached that stage in your life where you start one Monday of a fresh week and before you know it, Friday has come around? It must be we are getting old…

Food and cooking is one way to show your love. Set the table with candles and roses.  Activate the dimmer switch both electrically and metaphorically. Here is a lovely, chocolatey recipe to awaken your taste buds in dull old February. Forget the rolling mists, the damp and soggy raincoat and the muddy walking boots.  Light a fire put on some music and chill out.  Open that box of Ferrero Rocher.  Chocolate Roulade here we come