Betty reflects on the passage of time

Chilli Salmon with Courgette Pilaf

Betty reflects on the passage of time

I seem to be doing everything at break neck speed at the moment.  Why has life turned into every day in the fast lane? I blame everything on the internet. There is a tendency to have to reply to emails almost immediately. As a result, it plays on the mind if you cannot manage to do that.  Furthermore, have you noticed how time is just whizzing past? Consequently it will soon be Christmas again, and I will be cooking mince pies and Christmas cake.  I will find them in the cake tin in March, forlorn and forgotten.

SLOW DOWN I say, let’s just have a rest!

Social Media

Social media has a lot to answer for. We are supposed to Facebook and Tweet and now there is talk of Pinterest. Since my chosen form of communication is the written word in the form of a story, I am wondering if life will eventually turn into a series of @Betty Twyford and #lots of food and will we all talk in a kind of short hand to save time?

Children and Computers

My grandchildren instantly know everything there is to know about computers by a form of Osmosis. They know about U tube, Instagram and face time (I mean, really, what is that all about? – no longer can you answer the phone looking like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards.  You will need a complete make-over with immaculate hair and a winning smile.

They look at me with a sort of amused tolerance and kindly take time out to explain in detail how to do it.  Then they say – ‘I’ll do it for you Grandma, it will save time.’

I would just like to know how to find all the time we are supposed to be saving. Where is it?

Especially relevant,  this leads me onto a lovely recipe.  It has been created by Marcia Poole, an AGA demonstrator. First of all, it is delicious and quick to prepare and cook (It will save you time…)

Consequently,  all of the family (and indeed, your friends because it is a definite one for a dinner party) will sing your praises until the cows come home – you could even #, share it and be flavour of the month yourself.


It is called Chilli Salmon with Courgette Pilaf and it serves 4 – a truly delicious meal.

Most of all, take TIME to savour the flavours, enjoy and relax!