Betty Twyford and the Dorothy Table Cloth with Napkins

Julie - Dorothy table cloth

Betty Twyford and the Dorothy Table Cloth with Napkins

Remember the days when we used to set the table for tea?  The table cloth was taken from the draw, shaken out like a clean sheet, and draped over the dining room table.

Once settled fair and square on the table, the tea cups and saucers were collected from the crockery cupboard.  The tea pot was filled with tea and topped with a tea cosy. The cake was taken out from the pantry and placed on a cake stand.  And of course, there would be a super sharp knife for cutting into even portions.  Depending on the size of family, a slice of cake was a treat or a tantalising taste if the family was a large one.  The rest of the appetite was filled with bread and butter and jam.  Sometimes a tin of peaches was on the menu, but that was only when Aunt Mabel came for tea.

Betty has decided to bring back tea time with her Dorothy table cloth and napkins (wipe away the crumbs from your mouth in the most elegant of ways..)

If you are feeling artistic and rebellious, why not choose the Audrey version of tea time. Bring back some colour and design to set the table for a heated debate!

Both versions are created in 100% cotton or in wipeable P.V.C. and in two sizes.  Top up your teatime treat with a set of four generous napkins to complete your 1950’s teatime experience.