How to make Merringues on your AGA or Range Cooker

meringues by rose

How to make Meringues on your AGA or Range Cooker

I usually take 4 egg whites and whisk them until they become stiff and you can turn your bowl upside down and they will not slither out
I weigh 9 oz of caster sugar and gradually add it to the egg white while still whisking it in. If you like your meringues to have a creamy colour, I add a tsp. of malt vinegar. You can also add a tsp. of cornflour and whisk that in. You will end up with a stiff and manageable mixture.

Take a soup spoon or a desert spoon and place the meringue mixture in dollops onto a cold shelf which has been lined with baco-glide
Make sure you space them evenly and non-touching on the baking sheet.

Place them into the simmering oven and just leave them. I forgot about mine in the showroom AGA and next day they were still all right.

I have photographed them here, along with ice cream and strawberries, presented on the Portmeirion Cake Stand. A delicious desert indeed.

I used the egg whites left over from making homemade custard, so my catering, careful gene has also been satisfied. It is amazing, the things that make me happy!