chocolate mousse with baileys



I was raised in the Cotswolds in the 1950’s – a very different place from the wannabe place to be that it is now.  My childhood was a little bit like Laurie Lee’s ‘Cider with Rosie’ – we were allowed to roam with great freedom, and as long as one was home for tea, we were pretty much left to our own devices.  My parents purchased a television for the Queen’s coronation. Half of the village came to our house to view the occasion.  We had cups of tea in our new Coronation mugs and Victoria Sponge on rose patterned plates; it was all such a treat.

My teenage years were spent with my newly found friend Avril.  We met when she and I were 12 years old. We used to play Hockey, Avril, very sporty and scoring the goals and yours truly defending because I wasn’t so good at running.  She used to lead the way; she was fearless of the dark and would walk me home at night because I was afraid.  We climbed trees in order to learn to smoke undetected, we would bunk off from school and walk to Cheltenham to meet boys.  It was miles, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Because we were inseparable, we were made joint head girl, a position I fear that neither of us was worthy of.  We were naughty, but could appear to be extremely sensible.  And we were great at pulling the wool over people’s eyes and finding excuses for our absences.

We recently met again in Nailsworth which was where we both learned about life and love.  Nailsworth has changed out of all recognition.  It is now ‘posh’ and has several award winning restaurants. It is a far cry from Jack’s Café where we used to play the Juke Box and flash our eyes at the Marling School boys.

We dined at William’s Kitchen where Princess Anne buys her Oysters.  We couldn’t stop giggling.  Avril runs a business in the Somme in France, and I do my bit here.

Somehow, the years just rolled away and it was wonderful to remember ourselves as we were then, untouched by time, gloriously naïve, irresponsible and open to all of the world’s possibilities.

We ploughed our way through salad with Bream and congratulated ourselves on how very sensible we are.  And then we both ordered Chocolate Mousse and remembered how we used to love chocolate bars – especially Mars and Fry’s chocolate Cream.

We vowed to meet again soon and perhaps we will.  It is good to stay in touch with your true self, just so that you can keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Here is a lovely recipe for Chocolate Mousse with a twist – if you love Baileys Liqueur and you have some left over from Christmas, this is the one for you…


300g plain chocolate broken into pieces

75ml (5 tbsp) Baileys Liqueur

45ml double cream

4 large eggs separated

50g caster sugar

Cocoa powder for dusting


Place the chocolate, cream and the Baileys in a saucepan, and if you have an AGA, leave it at the back until the chocolate melts, otherwise just melt the mixture very gently and slowly.  Set aside

Place the egg yolks and sugar in the bowl, and whisk at speed for about a minute, until well blended.

Add the chocolate mixture and whisk on full speed for about 20 seconds, then transfer the mixture to a large bowl.

Whisk the egg whites in a separate, clean bowl until stiff.  Fold them into the chocolate mixture and then pour into 6 tea cups.  Chill for about 4 hours.

Dust lightly with cocoa powder and decorate with a raspberry or strawberry.  Pretty tasty!

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