Cheats’ Christmas Beef Wellington Style

Cheats Beef Wellington

Cheats Beef Wellington

Betty has some seasonal tips for cooks who want to relax and enjoy the festivities…

Do you ever tire of the complete madness there is around cake baking and cooking from scratch? Does it make you feel inadequate and do you find yourself wishing to rebel? Stay with me and I will lure you into the realms of extreme cuisine without the high cost and pain. I have devised a sensational menu for you to manage, and really, you need very little skill. It is called cheating.

I often have to cheat for photography sessions when we have been cooking for days and we are on our knees. Just one more dish and I might have a tantrum… Food photography is fascinating and a creative art in itself and to make dishes look delicious you have to glimmer and shine. Often all you need is a pastry brush and some olive oil.
One of the great things about homemade, is that we do not need to produce perfection. A dish prepared with thought and care, sprinkled with parsley or icing sugar is enough. You have created a dish to place on the table and receive the praise that it deserves.

The reality of creating in the kitchen is that it can be exhausting and is always followed by piles of washing up.(see here for washup tidy) Surely Christmas is a time for us all to enjoy ourselves?  Who wants to be a slave to the kitchen?
The Great British Bake Off is one of my favourite programmes because I am watching someone else stress about oven temperatures and timing. The vision of a competitor lying on the floor watching their beloved recipe through a glass oven door fills me with compassion. They are guarding it and willing it to be perfect.

My special cheats’ recipe has been created by me with a view to saving money and sanity. It uses topside of beef which is a treat but an achievable treat and one that we have a few times in the year. It is substantially cheaper than fillet of beef, which tends to be outrageously expensive. So why not try topside for Christmas lunch instead of that boring old turkey? Be honest – how much do you love cold turkey? The odd sandwich with some stuffing is OK on Boxing Day, but really – curry, sandwiches, turkey pie, turkey for breakfast? Shake off those turkey chains and join the cheats’ queue. This Christmas follow my recipe for a

Cheats Beef Wellington and avoid the high cost on your nerves and your pocket.