Betty in the 1950’s

Betty in the 1950's

Betty Reflects on life in the 1950s and natural re-cycling This time of year brings a change of activity after the end of summer. The days seem to be disappearing fast with the onset of winter time.  Suddenly the air is cooler and thoughts of a new vest spring to mind! Without doubt Christmas is… Continue Reading

It’s Christmas!

It's Christmas

IT’S CHRISTMAS!!   It has been creeping up on me, lingering sneakily in the background of everything I do and intruding into my every day thoughts. It is like IVY, sending tendrils to the far recesses of my mind. Christmas has long been featuring in various cooking demonstrations held in our AGA showroom. Don’t mention… Continue Reading

Cheats’ Christmas Beef Wellington Style

Cheats Beef Wellington

Cheats Beef Wellington Betty has some seasonal tips for cooks who want to relax and enjoy the festivities… Do you ever tire of the complete madness there is around cake baking and cooking from scratch? Does it make you feel inadequate and do you find yourself wishing to rebel? Stay with me and I will… Continue Reading

Betty’s baked Alaska – Blog

Glorious baked Alaska by Betty Twyford

Betty Revisits the 1970’s to remember tastes, times and youth I produced my first Baked Alaska when I was a very young and naïve cook working in our first restaurant in North Devon. If you can, cast your mind back to 1975 – our restaurant has been created on a shoe string, with both patrons… Continue Reading

Giving Sugar the Shove!

Giving Sugar the Shove!

Giving Sugar the Shove! The summer seems to bring a relaxation of normal family behaviour and we somehow manage to meet up and celebrate birthdays and host visits from abroad. Our family are a bit far flung; some of us reside in Bali, which couldn’t be further away from Herefordshire if it tried. Others are in… Continue Reading

Why I’m dreading Great British Bake Off!!

Sugar Free Carrot Cake

Why I’m dreading Great British Bake Off!! Sugar Free Carrot Cake When I embarked upon my endeavour to change my eating habits, I saw it as yet another attempt to re-engage with my disappearing waist line. Cutting out sugar was inspired by reading a book called quite simply ‘That Sugar Book’. It hasn’t been easy…. Continue Reading

Recipes vs Rebellion


So Easter is over… Even the children are chocolated out. I presented them with another batch of brownies (new recipe…extremely delicious) and they almost groaned! My son asked could I teach him to make a lasagne. “Of course I can teach you to make Lasagne darling!” say I delightedly, and start rummaging through the fridge… Continue Reading

A Sneak Preview of the New Range – Wooden Ironing Board

Wooden Ironing Board by Betty Twyford   After the indulgence and delight of Christmas, it is comforting to return to the normal every day and to relax back into a familiar routine. The Betty Team have been thinking long and hard about what makes them happy, and most of all, it’s that wonderful feeling of… Continue Reading