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 Audrey Hepburn inspired kitchen textiles for all lovers of quality and style at up to 75% off DOUBLE OVEN GLOVES AND GAUNTLETS AND AGA CHEF PADS TO NAME A FEW   After a long and happy relationship with our stunning Audrey design, Audrey is making way for new. The design features the following – (… Continue Reading

Betty Twyford and the Dorothy Table Cloth with Napkins

Julie - Dorothy table cloth

Betty Twyford and the Dorothy Table Cloth with Napkins Remember the days when we used to set the table for tea?  The table cloth was taken from the draw, shaken out like a clean sheet, and draped over the dining room table. Once settled fair and square on the table, the tea cups and saucers… Continue Reading

Laundry Sign

Laundry Sign Strange how a little enamel sign can bring the memories flooding back. My personal memories are of a ‘scullery’, with very large Belfast sinks.  The scullery was accessed through the walk in pantry, which had  slate slabs to keep food cool.  The Scullery initially had a brass cold tap, until my father ‘modernised’… Continue Reading


chocolate mousse with baileys

FRIENDSHIP AND CHOCOLATE MOUSSE – A Return to childhood   I was raised in the Cotswolds in the 1950’s – a very different place from the wannabe place to be that it is now.  My childhood was a little bit like Laurie Lee’s ‘Cider with Rosie’ – we were allowed to roam with great freedom,… Continue Reading

Be My Valentine – Ferrero Rocher Roulade Recipe

Ferrero Rocher Roulade Recipe

Be My Valentine- Ferrero Rocher Roulade Recipe Betty shows how to whisk up a chocolatey treat for the one you are sweet on…     Life sometimes becomes a little wearisome, in other words, it can wear us down and we all need a break from routine. It is good to go the extra mile to… Continue Reading

Betty in the 1950’s

Betty in the 1950's

Betty Reflects on life in the 1950s and natural re-cycling This time of year brings a change of activity after the end of summer. The days seem to be disappearing fast with the onset of winter time.  Suddenly the air is cooler and thoughts of a new vest spring to mind! Without doubt Christmas is… Continue Reading

It’s Christmas!

It's Christmas

IT’S CHRISTMAS!!   It has been creeping up on me, lingering sneakily in the background of everything I do and intruding into my every day thoughts. It is like IVY, sending tendrils to the far recesses of my mind. Christmas has long been featuring in various cooking demonstrations held in our AGA showroom. Don’t mention… Continue Reading

Betty’s baked Alaska – Blog

Glorious baked Alaska by Betty Twyford

Betty Revisits the 1970’s to remember tastes, times and youth I produced my first Baked Alaska when I was a very young and naïve cook working in our first restaurant in North Devon. If you can, cast your mind back to 1975 – our restaurant has been created on a shoe string, with both patrons… Continue Reading