Courgette, Brie and Red Pepper Muffins

savoury muffins

Courgette, Brie and Red Pepper Muffins By now dear readers we are in the middle of a heat wave…right? Long summer days, with little to do but pack picnics, take the kids/loved ones/prospective loved ones that you are trying to impress/just yourself because everyone else is vastly irritating (even the dogs) and walk the hills,… Continue Reading

How to make Merringues on your AGA or Range Cooker

meringues by rose

How to make Meringues on your AGA or Range Cooker I usually take 4 egg whites and whisk them until they become stiff and you can turn your bowl upside down and they will not slither out I weigh 9 oz of caster sugar and gradually add it to the egg white while still whisking… Continue Reading

Homemade Custard – simply the best!

custard using saucepot

If you have never tried homemade custard before, you have a treat in store!  Made from egg yolks, cornflour, caster sugar and milk and cream, the vanilla essence makes this a treat indeed.  And it is so easy to make.  My custard is made using 355 ml of milk (use full fat if you dare,… Continue Reading

EASTER – it comes around!


EASTER – it comes around! We love Easter, with its promise of spring, warmer weather, days in the garden and Easter gatherings. Easter is about family and friends and mostly it means eating! We held a demonstratrion in our lovely showroom and Penny Zako came to cook for us.  The audience guests made copious notes… Continue Reading

Christmas Entertaining Ideas from Betty Twyford at Twyford cookers

AGA Acacia wood long board with boxed Camembert

Christmas Entertaining always brings with it a degree of finding something different and may I say, easy to produce. When Penny demonstrated to our Christmas audience in our lovey showroom they were intrigued by this idea.  So here it is:-   Boxed baked camembert with gin and orange cranberries, toasted focaccia dipping fingers and a… Continue Reading

Festive Christmas Entertaining


Festive Christmas Entertaining We held a wonderful Festive christmas Entertaining Demonstration in our massive showroom at Twyford Cookers. 32 guests arrived and were treated to festive drinks and ginger biscuits and brownies cooked by Lisa Caldicott, who has revealed to us all, she is a quality cook. However, Penny Zako, AGA Queen and ace demonstrator… Continue Reading

Festive Christmas Entertaining on the AGA

AGA Portmeirion christmas

Festive Christmas Entertaining on the AGA We are delighted to welcome Penny Zako as our host and demonstrator for this years Christmas Entertaining Demonstration Penny develops fresh and modern festive recipes using key pieces from the new AGA cookshop collection She will demonstrate how to bake a boxed Camembert with gin and orange cranberries.   Toasted… Continue Reading


chocolate mousse with baileys

FRIENDSHIP AND CHOCOLATE MOUSSE – A Return to childhood   I was raised in the Cotswolds in the 1950’s – a very different place from the wannabe place to be that it is now.  My childhood was a little bit like Laurie Lee’s ‘Cider with Rosie’ – we were allowed to roam with great freedom,… Continue Reading


apple jelly

SUMMERS END and a recipe for apple jelly It always takes me by surprise, summers end.  One day, glancing at the sun, you notice it has become softer, lower, and less intense.  The garden takes on a slightly tired look, the hum of bees diminishes, and the constant grass cutting becomes a distant memory.  It… Continue Reading

Betty reflects on the passage of time

Chilli Salmon with Courgette Pilaf

Betty reflects on the passage of time I seem to be doing everything at break neck speed at the moment.  Why has life turned into every day in the fast lane? I blame everything on the internet. There is a tendency to have to reply to emails almost immediately. As a result, it plays on… Continue Reading

High Pressure Photography and Simple No Fuss Crumble !

Fruit Crumble - Emile Henry Pie Dish

Fruit Crumble – Emile Henry Pie Dish   Have you ever been involved in food photography? It’s an eye opener I can tell you. When I first started writing a column for Welsh Border Life and Live24Seven I would bake something yummy, take a snap of it with my camera phone and send it off. I… Continue Reading

Cheats’ Christmas Beef Wellington Style

Cheats Beef Wellington

Cheats Beef Wellington Betty has some seasonal tips for cooks who want to relax and enjoy the festivities… Do you ever tire of the complete madness there is around cake baking and cooking from scratch? Does it make you feel inadequate and do you find yourself wishing to rebel? Stay with me and I will… Continue Reading