Why I’m dreading Great British Bake Off!!

Sugar Free Carrot Cake

Why I’m dreading Great British Bake Off!! Sugar Free Carrot Cake When I embarked upon my endeavour to change my eating habits, I saw it as yet another attempt to re-engage with my disappearing waist line. Cutting out sugar was inspired by reading a book called quite simply ‘That Sugar Book’. It hasn’t been easy…. Continue Reading

New Beginnings

new beginnings - the new collections

The whole team here at Betty Twyford are so happy to present the new website. Pretty, clean and new, it’s also fully optimised to work on your tablets and smartphones. We hope that shopping on the new website will be a joy to browse. As if a shiny new website wasn’t newsworthy enough, Betty has also… Continue Reading

Recipes vs Rebellion


So Easter is over… Even the children are chocolated out. I presented them with another batch of brownies (new recipe…extremely delicious) and they almost groaned! My son asked could I teach him to make a lasagne. “Of course I can teach you to make Lasagne darling!” say I delightedly, and start rummaging through the fridge… Continue Reading

A Sneak Preview of the New Range – Wooden Ironing Board

Wooden Ironing Board by Betty Twyford

Wooden Ironing Board by Betty Twyford   After the indulgence and delight of Christmas, it is comforting to return to the normal every day and to relax back into a familiar routine. The Betty Team have been thinking long and hard about what makes them happy, and most of all, it’s that wonderful feeling of… Continue Reading