We are a Rayburn Heat Centre! Come and see us

Rayburn Heat Centre

We are a Rayburn Heat Centre! Not a lot of people know that!  Well, they do, but we are very grateful to host a breakfast on the 5th March 2019 for the Engineers who install our fabulous Rayburns throughout the county We are serving Sausage, egg, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms with very thick AGA toast…. Continue Reading

Sheila Maid Clothes Airer in two sizes

sheila maid clothes drying airer

Sheila Maid Clothes Drying Airer in two sizes Here’s the thing, we are all trying to cut down on our energy spend wherever we can.  The tumble dryer is a useful piece of equipment, but costly to run.  How about installing a Sheila Maid pulley clothes dryer in your utility (or your kitchen).  The clothes… Continue Reading


Apron, Audrey collection, betty twyford

 Audrey Hepburn inspired kitchen textiles for all lovers of quality and style at up to 75% off DOUBLE OVEN GLOVES AND GAUNTLETS AND AGA CHEF PADS TO NAME A FEW   After a long and happy relationship with our stunning Audrey design, Audrey is making way for new. The design features the following – (… Continue Reading

AGA Chef Pad in our lovely Duck design by Betty Twyford

AGA chef pad in Duck design by betty twyford

We are so pleased to announce our lovely AGA chef pads in our Duck design are coming back into stock by public demand!  They are beautifully made, with a terry cloth backing in a subtle duck egg blue and off white colouring.  They will go beautifully with the new and traditional AGA colours and make… Continue Reading

AGA Roasting Tray designed with Portmeirion – pouring lip

AGA Roasting traywith pouring lip

AGA Roasting Tray designed with Portmeirion – pouring lip I just have to tell you about this fantastic AGA Roasting Tray, with a pouring lip It is wonderful for all things delicious cooked in the roasting oven.  Roast your beef, pork or lamb, chicken or duck.  The roasting tray is a great conductor of heat,… Continue Reading



INTRODUCING THE NEW AGA 3 SERIES 90 – ER390 CM INTRODUCING OUR 2ND FAMILY MEMBER TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE A 90CM SPACE TO FILL AGA is thrilled to announce the launch of its first-ever 90cm cast-iron range cooker. It is designed to slot into the smaller kitchen And it’s everything you’d expect from… Continue Reading



INTRODUCING OUR NEW FAMILY MEMBERS! It is always a pleasure to introduce new family members.  We are delighted to share with you the two new AGA models.  Moreover, they might just be the right style and size for your kitchen.  AGA 3 SERIES Please meet our first model from the NEW AGA 3 SERIES.  It… Continue Reading

Christmas Entertaining Ideas from Betty Twyford at Twyford cookers

AGA Acacia wood long board with boxed Camembert

Christmas Entertaining always brings with it a degree of finding something different and may I say, easy to produce. When Penny demonstrated to our Christmas audience in our lovey showroom they were intrigued by this idea.  So here it is:-   Boxed baked camembert with gin and orange cranberries, toasted focaccia dipping fingers and a… Continue Reading

Festive Christmas Entertaining


Festive Christmas Entertaining We held a wonderful Festive christmas Entertaining Demonstration in our massive showroom at Twyford Cookers. 32 guests arrived and were treated to festive drinks and ginger biscuits and brownies cooked by Lisa Caldicott, who has revealed to us all, she is a quality cook. However, Penny Zako, AGA Queen and ace demonstrator… Continue Reading

Festive Christmas Entertaining on the AGA

AGA Portmeirion christmas

Festive Christmas Entertaining on the AGA We are delighted to welcome Penny Zako as our host and demonstrator for this years Christmas Entertaining Demonstration Penny develops fresh and modern festive recipes using key pieces from the new AGA cookshop collection She will demonstrate how to bake a boxed Camembert with gin and orange cranberries.   Toasted… Continue Reading

Betty’s 50% discount sale starts on August 3rd 2018

Plate Holder in factory Black 3160-25

Here it is, the sale you have been waiting for!  I expect you have had your eye on certain items of stock, but just couldn’t make it to the finishing line! We have so many beautiful and unusual things in our sale. I will list a few of them here, just to tickle your fancy…. Continue Reading

French Cookware by de Buyer – not just for master chefs!

Affinitychef00056 for banner

French Cookware by de Buyer – not just for master chefs!   French cookware by de Buyer – we think this is the bees knees! First of all, de Buyer cookware was developed in the 1830s.  We feel this gives them something of a pride of place in the cookware market. As a result, we… Continue Reading