Betty’s Story

Betty Twyford was created from a character in my imagination. Loving her family, she always aspired to make sensible choices for her home, her kitchen and her AGA. She was developed as someone I would wish to be – a talented, creative, logical and kindly person who knew a thing or two about making a comfortable home, and able to produce a delicious meal at the drop of a hat. I continue to endeavour to be this person, but life reveals its contradictions – it would be extremely boring if we were all perfect!

Whatever you think about her persona, she continues to present you with the best of ideas. She resolves to find the best of British goods where she can, at the best price and to offer you the best service for both delivery and quality.

Products for Betty’s shop are thoughtfully curated and inspired by her love of retro furniture, vintage homewares, wholesome cooking and traditional living. She loves to be stylish but favours timeless classics to fads and trends which don’t stand the test of time. Betty’s own collections have been carefully considered in terms of both the aesthetic and functionality and are made to last using high quality materials.

Betty wishes you a happy shopping experience with her creative, sensible and elegant products. She’d love to keep in touch with you, sending occasional emails with ideas for the home, special offers and recipes. Happy shopping and please do sign up!

Best wishes,
Rose Norman