3 Hot Enamel Cleaning Sprays for heat retention cookers – AGA or Rayburn

3 hot enamel spray cleaners

The Hot Enamel Cleaning Spray for heat retention cookers is one of Bettys most popular products. This specially developed Hot Enamel Cleaning Spray is ideal for AGA, Rayburns and heat retention cookers. It has been designed for use straight on to hot enamel surfaces and is ideal for all cast iron range cookers. Beauty and… Continue Reading

Courgette, Brie and Red Pepper Muffins

savoury muffins

Courgette, Brie and Red Pepper Muffins By now dear readers we are in the middle of a heat wave…right? Long summer days, with little to do but pack picnics, take the kids/loved ones/prospective loved ones that you are trying to impress/just yourself because everyone else is vastly irritating (even the dogs) and walk the hills,… Continue Reading