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Monthly Archives: March 2012

George’s Favourite Tomato Soup

Ingredients 1lb/450g Ripe Tomatoes Or 1 med Tin 1 Onion sliced 1 Carrot sliced 1/2 stick celery diced 1oz/25g butter 1oz/25g flour 1pt/600ml water Bay Leaf 1tsp Sugar pinch of ground mace/nutmeg 3tbsp cream Chopped parsley 1tsp arrowroot Salt & pepper to taste METHOD If using fresh tomatoes roughly chop them. Melt the butter in a medium pan; add the … Continue reading

George's Tomato Soup

Best Lemon Tart … Ever!

Ingredients For the pastry; 140g butter, very soft 85g icing sugar 3 egg yolks 255g plain flour 1-2 tbspns water For the lemon cream; 5 beaten eggs 140g castor sugar Zest of 2 lemons 3 fl. oz lemon juice 150ml double cream   METHOD In a bowl, mix the soft butter to a cream with the icing sugar and add … Continue reading

Betty Twyford Goose cook

Simnel Cake

              Simnel cake is a good excuse to eat rich fruit cake, and was traditionally baked ready for Mothering Sunday. It somehow turned into an Easter Cake, the benefit of fruit cake being it actually improves with keeping.  It needs to be moist, and preferably, contain a bit of booze! Simnel cake must have … Continue reading

Simnel Cake

Betty’s Green Tomato Chutney

Ingredients 2 kg’s Green tomatoes 4 good sized Bramley apples 1 kg Soft brown sugar 1 Litre malt vinegar A child’s hand of root ginger 6 Red chillies 250g Raisins 600g Shallots 2 tsp salt 3 Good cloves of garlic METHOD Peel and chop everything very small, except for the chillies and ginger – keep both of these whole. Put … Continue reading

Betty Twyford Goose cook

Roast Goose

Ingredients 5kg Goose 1 peeled large onion chopped into quarters 2 large cooking apples(no need to peel) chopped into quarters 1 or 2 carrots, scrubbed and thickly chopped 3 leeks, washed and chopped 2 parsnips washed and chopped 1 orange in quarters METHOD Choose a Goose weighing about 5kg, and if the goose is trussed, untie the string around the … Continue reading

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Betty Twyford Goose cook

Dark Chocolate Roulade

              Ingredients 200g plain chocolate, broken into pieces (use 70% chocolate) 175g caster sugar 6 medium eggs, separated 2 level tbsp cocoa powder, sifted 100g white chocolate, broken into pieces 300 ml carton double cream Decoration Icing sugar to dust White chocolate curls Raspberries METHOD Place the broken chocolate at the back of the … Continue reading


St Patricks Day – Porter Cake

              Porter is a type of dark Irish beer, not now as widely available as it once was. It is not as strong as stout but Guinness, Murphy’s or other Irish stout can be substituted in this recipe if mixed fifty-fifty with water. This cake is quickly and easily made and, though it tastes … Continue reading

Served with an Irish Coffee

Betty’s ‘No Knead’ Bread

                Now I have to be the first to admit it, bread and Betty have not been the greatest of friends in the past.  I have always ended up with a sense of failure, and it has to be said, (and I am sure George will be more than happy to back me … Continue reading

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