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Recipes and rebellions

So Easter is over… Even the children are chocolated out. I presented them with another batch of brownies (new recipe…extremely delicious) and they almost groaned and suggested tomorrow please Mum. My son asked could I teach him to make a lasagne. His mind always runs along the food lines so I know just how much of a chocolate overload he … Continue reading

chocolate brownies

A Nostalgic Weekend

Last Saturday night saw the advent of a curious spectacle. A friend’s 50th. The fact that he is fifty is not curious it’s the way we all behaved at the party that made me smile. It was a very swish location in Cheltenham, with a free bar between 7.30-8.30pm (genius! Everybody turned up early or on time!), the place was … Continue reading

aga birthday cake

Spring is here….. almost

I started writing this with the line…”I’m so fed up with the weather”. Then I thought … ‘blow it all Betty that just makes you a miserable what not…where’s your Dunkirk spirit girl?’ So ignoring the bally weather and enjoying life anyway is what I’m all about today. There is so much to look forward to! Spring is here …almost, … Continue reading

Hope Springs Eternal

Betty at the Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons beckoned to us this weekend. So amidst torrential rain, slight woolly head, over excited dog, sulking cat (left at home) and bickering children we set off. We entered pockets of sunshine closely followed by sheet rain. It was a pattern that maintained its baffling changeableness and put me in mind of that song by Crowded House: Four … Continue reading

Brecon Beacons

Betty attends a wedding

It was my very great pleasure to attend the nuptials of my dear friend Lisa and her lovely chap, Matt on Saturday. Now Matt I don’t know very well as this has been something of a whirlwind romance and I was prepared to be a little sniffy about the whole affair but Lisa is so obviously smitten that I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Richard Sharpe


January always feels like it should be a rest. It never is! We are still busy little beavers…more so as we play catch up after the luxury of a Christmas break (I can hear you…what break? Shopping, wrapping, cooking, socialising, singing, eating, drinking, fading from the excesses…I know. Our sale continues at and frankly we could do with some … Continue reading

January sale

Betty’s New Year Blog

January the 6th. Fully back into the swing of things having waved the bleary eyed children goodbye at the school gates, followed by a very boggy and hampered trot around the field with Dylan #thenotsomanlylabrador and Biscuit/Cookie (depending on which child is cuddling her) #thecatdog. I jump into the car and realise that my youngest has forgotten her P.E kit … Continue reading


The Wonderbag

When my daughter was younger we used to watch a Children’s TV program called the Wonder Pets. Whenever I think of the Wonder Bag I have that song playing in my head. Our showroom is stacked full of cookers. We stock RangeMaster,  Mercury, Falcon, Rayburn, La Cornue and of course Aga and so to be honest when I consider recipes … Continue reading

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The Wonderbag

Betty’s Christmas Ramblings

I’ve been constantly caught out this year by the passage of time. Here we are, inevitably, in December. The James McIntosh Christmas Demo was a huge success….more of a Demo with a large dosing of Comedic floor Show! Hilarious. We had a warehouse Sale and sold off lots of end of lines and discontinued stock. This was a really well … Continue reading

Christmas Dog

Warehouse Clearance Sale

Betty is emptying her cupboards!! ON: Saturday 23 November 2013, 10.00 – 2.30 pm This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up some bargains, a few Christmas Presents sorted or even a treat for yourself.  With a range of products from gifts, cookware, enamelware, textiles, laundry, pets and more you will not want to miss this Grand Warehouse Clearance Sale … Continue reading

Warehouse sale