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Mothers Day Gifts

Glorious sunshine abounds today – how long have we waited? Suddenly the daffodils are doing their yellow thing, and the weeds are beginning to surface. My mysterious shrub is in bud (what is it, where did it come from and how did it come to be just there!!) Time to engage with our selves, remember who we are and how … Continue reading

mother's day gift

Come on sunshine – show your face!

While writing this blog it is still freezing cold even though it is supposed to be 10 degrees! By now we are usually experiencing those embarrassing first days of summer – pale skin and cardigans. But here we are still in thermal vest mode.       Nothing for it but to spring clean the Aga,  and what better way … Continue reading

Directors chair perfect for beach and field picnics!

New Outdoor Products for the Summer!

Time is marching on and soon it will be soaking up some warm lazy days in the garden. I am convinced we will have the most glorious summer ever!  I am excited about all of the new out-door products we have coming on line, and most of them focused on eating and living outside in the fresh air.     … Continue reading

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The Gourmet Trotter

God Save Our Gracious Queen

We are excited about Jubilee year, and last week we went on a picnic.  Everything was red white and blue!  Hot, sunny and perfect was the day and we consumed lashings of ginger beer, just like the famous five (continuing in our ‘50’s theme) and ingested cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponge.               Loudly burping … Continue reading


Bettys top 5 spring bulbs

Bettys top 5 spring bulbs This mild winter weather has already coaxed the modest snow drops from the ground (now all that is left is to coak George from his chair!), which has got me contemplating my most anticipated spring bulbs and so here they are, in all their floral glory, Bettys top 5 spring bulbs; Narcissus – Daffodils We … Continue reading

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