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Aga Twyford 3 day BIG EVENT

Aga Twyford recently hosted our annual (it is now…this being the second year!) 3 day BIG EVENT. Thursday was all things Aga, and we put our showroom Aga to work producing all manner of tasty treats and delights for our lovely customers. Friday was dedicated to the mighty Rayburn with Marcia Poole on hand to do the cookery honours and … Continue reading


Count Down to Mother’s day

Do you remember I was facebooking in February about trying to lead George towards a really good Valentines gift idea? I was leaving holiday brochures lying around in all his usual places…i.e where he rests his Gin and Tonics in the early evening whilst attending to that infernal pipe! Well I can report that George came good! He whisked me … Continue reading

Joules Bistro Set

Spring is here….. almost

I started writing this with the line…”I’m so fed up with the weather”. Then I thought … ‘blow it all Betty that just makes you a miserable what not…where’s your Dunkirk spirit girl?’ So ignoring the bally weather and enjoying life anyway is what I’m all about today. There is so much to look forward to! Spring is here …almost, … Continue reading

Hope Springs Eternal

Betty’s Christmas Ramblings

I’ve been constantly caught out this year by the passage of time. Here we are, inevitably, in December. The James McIntosh Christmas Demo was a huge success….more of a Demo with a large dosing of Comedic floor Show! Hilarious. We had a warehouse Sale and sold off lots of end of lines and discontinued stock. This was a really well … Continue reading

Christmas Dog

Magic Knickers

At the time of writing this I am still in that ante-festival bloom of ‘it’ll be alright’ regarding the impending and looming arrival of ‘Herefordshire Flavours’. Firstly I am not going to be intimidated by the numbers…apparently 32,000 people went through the doors last year…the big attraction was Mary Berry. This year the big attraction (apart from myself of course!) … Continue reading

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Paul Hollywood

Betty prepares for Paul Hollywood’s visit to Hereford!

Sarah Whitaker, Genius to all things Aga and known as the Aga Lady visited our Leominster showroom last week and gave a cookery Demonstration to 41 lovely ladies and one brave man. The theme was entertaining and as ever Sarah made it all seem so easy and achievable…which of course it is but don’t let on. Our next demonstration is … Continue reading

Vintage Tea Party in aid of St Michael’s Hospice

We are holding a 1950′s Vintage Tea Party to raise money for St Michael’s Hospice.  To be held at Aga Twyford in Leominster, we are staging the event with tables and table cloths and umbrellas, bunting and 1950′s Vintage China Cups & Saucers, cake stands and cloudy lemonade.  There will be lots of colourful cupcakes, a cakes for sale table, … Continue reading

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On George, Golf & Gourmet Trotters

I can’t pretend to know anything about Golf but George tells me that it’s the ‘Open’ this week. He thought that as my enthusiasm for the tennis reached new and unchartered territory he might get away with some ‘Golfing’ leave.  (Congratulations Andy Murray by the way…quite, quite spectacular!) Have you seen the Gourmet Trotter, George? If, as a family we … Continue reading

Luxury Picnic Hamper

Success all round………..

Goodness life has been somewhat of a whirl lately! Last week saw a busy (and finished) showroom as we launched the first of our ‘Aga Twyford Big Event’s’. We had special offers on all cookers, demonstrating chefs, lots of lovely food, discounts on all cookware and some of our trade partners in the showroom on hand to talk to our … Continue reading

Range Cooking

Christmas Shortbread

We are COLD and we seem to be cooking comforting and warming food just lately! The old waist band is expanding, but that can be dealt with after Christmas I say! Here is a fab recipe for Christmas shortbread – a definite one for the recipe book. It is no messing, quick to do and delicious to eat. Throw away … Continue reading

Finished Christmas Shortbread