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God Save Our Gracious Queen

We are excited about Jubilee year, and last week we went on a picnic.  Everything was red white and blue!  Hot, sunny and perfect was the day and we consumed lashings of ginger beer, just like the famous five (continuing in our ‘50’s theme) and ingested cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponge.








Loudly burping from the Ginger Beer (but always in a lady-like fashion) we soaked up the sun on our wildly patriotic Jubilee picnic blanket (EVERY home should have one) and lay on our backs to relax after all of that food.  Reflecting on the old adage that simple pleasures are always the best, bedtime saw us sunny, tired, full up and happy.  Bring back the 1950’s, black and white television, the Morris Minor and sanity…PLEASE!




























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