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Electric, Tea and Cake

Aga Twyford

So much is happening within the secretive and hallowed halls of Aga Twyford .  The illustrious company  are pleased to announce their onsite conversions to 13 amp electric, making your Aga cost effective and controllable.  The simple controls and 5 year maintenance cycle, along with economical running costs, must make this an interesting proposition?  We can finally announce that the Traditonal Aga is ELECTRIC!!


Betty Twyford

Betty has been busy again and this time she has been sipping leaf tea!  In conjunction with Trumpers, the most ingenious concoctions have been invented.  Cocktail hour will never be the same again.

For every day, the perfect cup of tea has to become a priority when it is time to sit back and put the tired old feet to rest.  Using Betty’s Jubilee Tea Pot, the perfect cuppa has been achieved.  Try brewing Malawi Oolong in a warmed tea pot for at least three minutes (be patient), strain it through Betty’s delicate long handled tea strainer and sip without milk.  For your second cup, the taste is even more exquisite!  Keep an eye on Betty’s website for a fantastic video to show you how !


KEEP THIS A SECRET – I am not one to gossip, but if you are in or near the black and white village of Pembridge, climb Ye Olde Steppes to a delightful tearoom and sip a cup in truly vintage style with a slice of Gary’s Victoria sponge (below) – what a treat!











<< Gary’s Victoria Sponge at Ye Olde Steppes – Pembridge, Herefordshire


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