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Bettys top 5 spring bulbs

Bettys top 5 spring bulbs

This mild winter weather has already coaxed the modest snow drops from the ground (now all that is left is to coak George from his chair!), which has got me contemplating my most anticipated spring bulbs and so here they are, in all their floral glory, Bettys top 5 spring bulbs;

Narcissus – Daffodils

We must all have a soft spot for Daffodils! Doubles, trumpet, small cupped, they all offer a delightful flash of colour and make a fantastic cut flower for the home. They look particularly pretty popped into one of our AGA jugs.

Fritillaria imperialis – Crown Imperial

I do love the golden orange hanging bells of the Crown Imperial. With its dark, almost black stems and mop of spiky green leaves this spring bulb makes a striking statement.

Hyacinthus – Hyacinths

The scent of a fine Hyacinth is intoxicating, especially when planted en masse in the garden or in a container on the patio. Hyacinths can also be grown inside in containers to brighten any room. A real Spring treat, these flowers come in a vast array of colours from the more common purples, blues and whites to the striking oranges, yellows and brightest pinks.

Anemone x fulgens – Anemone

A late spring flowering bulb with bright scarlet red poppy-like flowers on stout stems, an absolute Betty border must-have.

Tulipa – Tulips

An elegant cut flower and often the brightest spark in my Herefordshire garden come the Spring, Tulips offer a diverse range of shapes, colours and patterns. My love for these delightful flowers is not just borne from their variation and elegant form but also the fantastic names created for each variety; ‘Carnaval de Nice’, ‘White Triumphator’, ‘Dreaming Maid’ and the somewhat less gracefully named ‘Gordon Cooper’!

How excited I am now to see these beauties poke their noses out this year! And I am well prepared with secateurs and enamel trug to collect my cut flowers and get them arranged in my kitchen (the heart of my home) to brighten things up after a dark and dingy winter.


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