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Picnics & Easter

Oh Hello Lovely Weather! I’m all about picnics and Easter at the moment. Picnics need strawberries dipped in chocolate, scones with jam and clotted cream, fruit flans, egg and cress sandwiches, pork pies, homemade lemonade or elderflower cordial  for the kids and Champagne for George and I (obviously!) I was very lucky to convince George that I needed one of … Continue reading

Chocolate coated strawberries

Five a day anyone?

I love cakes, pastry and all things calorific, stuffed full of fat and sugar. I also love fresh fruit and veg. I have no problem with fulfilling my five a day quota, or for that matter would I struggle with 10 a day! Japan recommends 17 portions of fruit and veg as a minimum requirement. They are reportedly the healthiest … Continue reading

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Chicken nuggets

All things Doggy

This is the last day of March… I feel I was so cross about the rain we had for so long that Spring has come and established itself without me having properly adjusted to the Season change. It was Mother’s day yesterday and we had such a lovely day in the sunshine, I thought I might spend the day in … Continue reading

Dylan dog

Count Down to Mother’s day

Do you remember I was facebooking in February about trying to lead George towards a really good Valentines gift idea? I was leaving holiday brochures lying around in all his usual places…i.e where he rests his Gin and Tonics in the early evening whilst attending to that infernal pipe! Well I can report that George came good! He whisked me … Continue reading

Joules Bistro Set

Mothers Day Gifts

Glorious sunshine abounds today – how long have we waited? Suddenly the daffodils are doing their yellow thing, and the weeds are beginning to surface. My mysterious shrub is in bud (what is it, where did it come from and how did it come to be just there!!) Time to engage with our selves, remember who we are and how … Continue reading

mother's day gift

Half term – wet and soggy? Indeed…but still fun!

What to do when half term is upon us and the truculent youth no longer want to tramp over fields with sticks and make dens in the woods? Well they would but it is like a paddy field here in Herefordshire. The television was banned by Wednesday as was the Xbox, kindle unless for reading and the DVD player. I’m … Continue reading

Gary from Steppes Tea shoppe in Pembrige

A Nostalgic Weekend

Last Saturday night saw the advent of a curious spectacle. A friend’s 50th. The fact that he is fifty is not curious it’s the way we all behaved at the party that made me smile. It was a very swish location in Cheltenham, with a free bar between 7.30-8.30pm (genius! Everybody turned up early or on time!), the place was … Continue reading

aga birthday cake

Spring is here….. almost

I started writing this with the line…”I’m so fed up with the weather”. Then I thought … ‘blow it all Betty that just makes you a miserable what not…where’s your Dunkirk spirit girl?’ So ignoring the bally weather and enjoying life anyway is what I’m all about today. There is so much to look forward to! Spring is here …almost, … Continue reading

Hope Springs Eternal

Betty at the Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons beckoned to us this weekend. So amidst torrential rain, slight woolly head, over excited dog, sulking cat (left at home) and bickering children we set off. We entered pockets of sunshine closely followed by sheet rain. It was a pattern that maintained its baffling changeableness and put me in mind of that song by Crowded House: Four … Continue reading

Brecon Beacons

Betty attends a wedding

It was my very great pleasure to attend the nuptials of my dear friend Lisa and her lovely chap, Matt on Saturday. Now Matt I don’t know very well as this has been something of a whirlwind romance and I was prepared to be a little sniffy about the whole affair but Lisa is so obviously smitten that I couldn’t … Continue reading

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